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Our Special projects


The STRATOSAT Project made up with the collaboration of the Italian Space Agency (Space Italy) and Soleblanca

LESTA is a system consisting of a stratospheric platform of the Lighter than Air type of the Blimp type with semi-rigid central structure, from a transportable ground station, from a capable payload bay
to house different types of sensors or equipment by feeding them with electrical power constant over time, by a system of data fusion and data processing (both of the system and of the payload) on board before transmission to shore.

Once out of the hangar, the aerial platform takes off vertically, positioning itself at 20 KM of altitude where it can move with maximum speed up to 100 Km / h (27m / s) and position itself in hovering on the pre-established coordinates.

For the ascent and descent maneuver the Platform uses four electric thrusters with thrust adjustable and adjustable in intensity. The attitude control is redundant and carried out by the four thrusters (active control) and six adjustable aerodynamic flaps (passive control).

There movement of the fins is obtained with the use of electromechanical actuators. The duration for one single mission has the goal of one year. At any time the Platform can land for Payload maintenance or modifications.
The platform for its navigation and operation can be programmed and travel in autonomy or be piloted by the ground station (in LOS mode) (a system can be provided BLOS with satellite aid).

The electrical power is provided by the latest generation photovoltaic cells
placed on the back of the Semi-rigid link platform.
The energy is stored in batteries with a high capacity / weight ratio and the electrical power is managed by a special on-board system.
The Payloads housed in the PL Bay (for Earth Obs., TLC, ISR or scientific) transmit the pre-processed by the on-board system (HW&SW) at the Ground Station (which relaunches them) or directly to users.
The ground station is of the mobile type.

The LESTA aerial platform does not need any particular land infrastructure except a hangar
for its integration.


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